Priyanka Bhoyar
An avid social activist with an interest in women and child welfare. In her pursuit of finding happiness, she discovered that philanthropic ideology and pragmatic solutions for the underprivileged are two different ball games altogether. Her focus on social activism prompted her to explore rural India and she was exposed to the day-to-day challenges a woman faces in the male chauvinistic society. Founded “Care Trust” with clarity to promote women and child welfare and illuminating the lives of many underprivileged. Her efforts has touched millions and she continues her endeavors for elevating underprivileged women and children. Her appointment as a chief operating officer at “Jal Thal Vayu foundation” gave her wings to unfold her innate desire to offer a sustainable solution for future generations of the only planet humans have. She tirelessly dedicated herself to the Foundations core objectives. From conserving water bodies to cleaning seas to offering “Go Green” – Solutions Her partnership with environmental activist and enthusiast Advocate Praveen Pathak unveiled plans for codifying Ecocide as a crime in India. The duo jointly offers legal solutions and sustainability solutions to individuals, masses, and corporates admonishing all to practice and imbibe the Go Green initiatives. The slogan “let’s offer a better planet to our future generations” has already gained momentum and doing rounds on social media as well as among the new generation.