Neha Singh

Ms. Neha Singh, a maverick who fights against all odds to protect the rights of women and children, is compassionate as well as a solutionist. Her vibrant personality and decisiveness make her an opportune director for “Care Trust.” She gained a thorough understanding of the onboarding, induction, and internal operations processes after 8 years of corporate experience and a reputable master’s degree in Business Administration (HR). Her deft handling of the difficult job of NGO’s management makes her distinctive. She bestowed the organization with significant policy decisions and was instrumental in creating and implementing business strategies. She as a professional already did hold a position for which many people might aspire, but it was her generosity and concern, that she solidified her place as an indispensable member of the organization. She proved to be the focal point for the NGO’s and its business growth. She is a seasoned and experienced educationist who also aided in widening the square of the leadership valve.