Refund & Return Policy

Care Trust accepts all donations in good faith. Whilst we understand that everyone has different preferences regarding donations. We will not refund a donation that has been knowingly and voluntarily given to us.

Please note:

  • We will refund if there was an error made by Care Trust, one of our representatives, or our financial institution
  • We may refund if the donor entered the wrong amount
  • We may refund if there are exceptional circumstances

But the refunds request should be made within 30 days. after this we will not be able to refund.

What you should do

Please send your refund request through e-mail. Be sure to include details of your original donation including


  • your full name (or the name used on your credit card)
  • the donation date
  • the donation amount
  • If the donation was made through cheque/draft, please provide Cheque/Draft no.
  • If the donation was made through a credit card, please provide Credit Card no. (last 4 digits only).
  • If the donation was made online, please provide Donation-ID.
  • your receipt number and
  • the nature of the error made.

Refund terms and conditions

  • Care Trust reserves the right to deduct any bank fees, transaction charges, or processing fees from the refunded amount.
  • Donations can only be refunded to the same account and by the payment method, the donation was made.

Care Trust will review your refund request and let you know in the email