Care Trust is a non-governmental organization working for underprivileged children and women to provide them with education opportunities, better healthcare facilities, empowerment, and protection from any type of exploitation. It is very difficult to live a life with no freedom over one’s own life and this is almost the case with every underprivileged child and woman of India. We aim at bringing a change in society by giving them the respect that they deserve and guiding them in every phase of life be it right to education or women health by guiding and improving personal Nutrition, Health and Hygiene. Our team comprises of experts from the field of education, communication, health nutrition and women Hygiene . We would try our best to make sure that there is provision for the continuous care to the Children , Young People and Women . As it will not only lead to the betterment of the targeted group’s health but it would somehow lead to an educated youth and empowering of women and a better country